Valve-Control for Mercedes A45 AMG

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You have a Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG with the exhaust system with factory-fitted flap control?

Then you are exactly right here! With the Valve-Control you can determine more individually about their valves.

The valve control is plug & play connected to your vehicle.


  • the flaps can be opened and closed at any time

  • The module opens the flaps at a speed of approx. 4000 RPM to relieve the engine

  • Series mode can be set at any time

  • Plug & Play

  • The module can be retrofitted without residue

  • E-mark

Suitable for (Vehicles with factory-fitted flap exhaust system):

  • Mercedes Benz W176 A45 AMG without Performance flap button
  • Mercedes Benz W176 A45 AMG with Performance flap button

The following functions are available for your vehicle without a performance flap button:

  • The vehicle always starts with the exhaust flap open.
  • When the ESP button is pressed twice in succession, the flap closes.
  • The ESP function can still be used as usual

The following functionalities are available for your vehicle with Performance flap button:

  • When the button is activated, the exhaust flaps are permanently and fully open
  • If the button is not activated, the exhaust flap is completely closed.


  • Please enter your exact vehicle data in the comment field during the checkout process.
  • The illustrations are sample images. The products may differ visually.
  • Not allowed on public roads.
  • Full load driving with closed flaps should be avoided.
  • The use is at your own risk.
  • For occurring damages no liability is assumed.
  • If you want to order from abroad, please contact us.
  • In case of a return the buyer bears the costs for a return delivery.


  • 1x module
  • cableset

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