SOUNDMODUL - MINI - COMPLETE-SET - retrofit with APP and Misfire

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Before order outside from Germany contact us!

The AK Sound Module-47 is an exhaust system that has a sound actuator and uses the control unit to produce an aggressive and distinctive sound. This system can be retrofitted to diesel, petrol and electric vehicles. With the app for the smartphone you can adjust the sound depending on your mood. There are many different profiles. Just take a look at our ratings: -> Bewertungen <-

Vehicle models that may be possible: Cabrio, Clubman, Clubvan, Countryman, Coupe, Cooper, John Cooper Works, One, Paceman, Roadster


  • Please contact us before purchasing if the module is also available for your vehicle as there may be individual deviations depending on the model (even if your vehicle is listed in the vehicle list!).
  • Please enter your exact vehicle data in the comment field during the checkout process.
  • The illustrations are sample images. The products may differ visually.
  • It is recommended to install the device at a certified workshop
  • this retrofitting changes the noise emission of the vehicle, the regulations of the StVZO must be observed

→ not approved in the area of ​​the StVZO!

Please check before purchase if there is enough space on the underbody of your vehicle. Even if your vehicle is on our list of vehicles, there may not be enough space, because, for example, the exhaust gasoline is different than the diesel vehicle. We and other repairers who work with us can make adjustments if there is not enough space on their vehicle.


  • 1x sound actuator
  • 1x soundmodul
  • cableset
  • Control unit for engine noise generation

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