Gaspedal Tuning XLR

259.00 €


You do not know if the accelerator tuning is also available for your vehicle? Contact us!

Please specify your exact vehicle data (manufacturer, model name, engine, power, year of construction) during the ordering process!


  • More direct throttle response
  • ABE (not for all cars, contact us before!)
  • Easy installation
  • 7 individual driving levels


  • The optimal APP costs 30,00 € (thus a total price of 259,00 €). If you need this app, click here!
  • The buyer bears the cost of a return.

The RaceChip XLR is mounted between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine control unit. The signals coming from the accelerator pedal sensor are amplified or attenuated by the engineers' tuned characteristics, depending on the selected drive of the XLR. This allows you to adjust the throttle response and thus the response time of your engine as desired.

2 sport and 2 race levels (S, S +, R and R +) improve throttle response, speeding up the engine's response time, right down to the reaction time of a sports car. 2 Eco-stages (E and E +) allow the engine to respond to accelerator pedal commands with a slight delay. In dense city traffic and on long-haul routes, you can reduce fuel consumption. With the "N" level, your car will be ready for production again if you do not need the RaceChip XLR at the moment.

The RaceChip XLR is available for all vehicles with electronic accelerator - whether turbo or naturally aspirated engine, compressor, electric or hybrid drive.


  • Brainbox
  • controller
  • Motor specific wiring harness
  • 360 ° fastening clips
  • series connector
  • installation instructions
  • cable ties

-> Scope of delivery may vary depending on the vehicle.

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